About Us

Eduwatch aims to empower students so that they can make informed decisions especially about their education. Eduwatch was launched out of a necessity for an unbiased, ethical and ungreedy venture that truly puts students first.

Review platform

A verified review/rating platform on educational institutions wasn't available. All the big review platforms have a flaw – that anyone with an account can post a review – even if they haven’t studied in the institution.

In Eduwatch, only students who are studying or have studied in an institution can post a review for that institution. We go to necessary extent to verify that a review submitted is indeed from a parent or student from that institution; only after which they are posted on the website.

Eduwatch also allows students to post reviews confidentially. When the reviews are displayed, it will be credited to a masked name to preserve confidentiality.

Good institutions should be promoted and bad institutions should be know to the society. To learn more about our review platform, visit this link.


If you are aware of any practice, conduct or a policy by the institution that needs our attention or an incident which needs our reporting, please submit an anonymous tip.

To protect your anonymity, we do not collect any personally indentifiable information like your name, contact details, IP address, MAC address, OS information, browser information, screen resolution, location or any information while submitting a tip.

We will do our investigation and publish whichever story the society should know.

To the institutions,

We are happy to help if you want to communicate anything to the students community, (eg, blood donation camp, fund raising, success stories of students). However, we will not publish content that is more of an advertising for you than the cause.

If we have published anything wrong about your institution, or any student have given a fake negative feedback, contact us and we can work together to correct it. It is our responsibility to correct it, and we understand it.

Do not offer us money or other incentives to take down a review. We take it as an insult.

Do not spam our review platform by submitting reviews by yourself or by an internet army you have hired. We will respond.

Do not threaten us, we don't get intimidated. If we can't find a common ground for any disagreements, let us settle in the court of law.

Do not encourage or discourage students from posting reviews on our site – it’s their choice.

Do not forbid students from speaking to us – you have no right to decide who they can speak to or not speak to.

Do not target students who have given negative feedback about you - it’s cheap and unethical. Remember Newton’s third law? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Do we make money?

No, not at the moment.

Eventually, we'll have to monetise to meet our ends. As soon as we start doing that, we will post a full disclosure about it. Rest assured, we would not adopt any monetization methods that will conflict with our values.


Eduwach would like to extend its gratitude to the following,

  1. The community behind Linux, Debian and Bunsenlabs
  2. The community behind LAMP and XXAMP stack
  3. The Open Document Foundation
  4. The Wordpress community
  5. Sublime Text team
  6. Aldin Philo
  7. for many of stock photos used
  8. Flaticon for the default logo of institutions