Privacy policy

Eduwatch exercises tranparency and full disclosure of our policies on user data. This post explains what data we collect, how we intend to use it and what third party services we use that collect your data.

Website analytics are necessary evil that digital firms cannot overlook. Eduwatch uses web analytics to track our growth in such a way that it doesn’t compromise out ethical and transparency policies.

We use Clicky for web analytics. You can find Clicky’s privacy policy here. Clicky is active in all our pages except our anonymous tip page, for obvious reasons. We do not want to collect any data of users submitting tips.

Eduwatch do not collect any personal data without the consent of the users. The student's name, phone number and batch details we collect while submitting a review are strictly for verification purposes. We do not use it for promotional SMSes, marketing or sell it.

We do not profile users, spy them, digitally stalk them or track their internet usage or browsing habits or history. We do not exercise behavior tracking.

We have used social media plugins on the website – follow buttons, like buttons, share buttons etc. As recently disclosed by Facebook, such buttons do collect some user information whether you have clicked such buttons or not. However this data is collected by Facebook and we have no say in it or nor do we have any access to such data. You can read Facebook's data policy here.